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Foosball Game

Multi Player Game
Human Foosball

    • Actual Size: 45' x 20' x 7'
    • Setup Area: 55' x 30'
    • Outlets: 2 Outlets Needed
    • Age Group: All Play
    • Attendants: 1 Adult Superviser

    • $695.00
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The Game • Human Foosball is like the classic table top Foosball, however, it is played with real people, a soccer ball and in a large enclosed arena. • Two teams compete against each other to score the most goals in the allotted time. • Each team consists of 6 players, in 3 different rows that must face the opposing team’s goal at all times: 1 goalie, 3 mid-fielders and 2 forwards. • 6 poles are laid cross the arena with a sleeve over each. The sleeve allows the players in each row to move laterally along the pole, but not forward or backward. • The game is played in two halves. • Teams change sides after half-time.

Game Play • Players will be positioned at the appropriate places in the arena. • Players must keep both hands on the bar at all times, and one foot must be touching the ground. • The game starts by the ref rolling the ball into play from the mid-field area. • Play continues until a penalty occurs, a goal is scored, or the timer runs out. • Players can only move laterally from side to side. Mid-Fielders and Forwards must work together to move side to side. Teamwork is key.

We reserve the right to change colors, shape and size do to revolving interventory.

Human Foosball By California Jumping of Fresno